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From the Philippines to Christchurch via outer space

06 November 2018

 International space consultant Emeline Paat-Dahlstrom says Christchurch could be a gateway to outer space exploration for the masses.

As a little girl growing up in the Philippines, Emeline always dreamed about traveling to space.

She’s now to the co-founder of SpaceBase NZ, a New Zealand social enterprise whose mission is to democratise space for everyone by co-creating space ecosystems.

Joined by husband and SpaceBase co-founder Eric Dahlstrom, the couple settled in New Zealand in 2017 as part of the Edmund Hillary Fellowship, a programme that provides them with a three-year Global Impact Visa and pathway to residency.

They now planning to call Christchurch home and help build a world class space hub in our city.

“We made the decision to move because we see the growing commitment of the city to focus on aerospace as a new industry for economic growth and development,” Emeline says.

Their aim is to help Kiwis build small spaceships, use data from satellites to solve current programs and make space exploration more accessible and sustainable in a bid to reduce global inequity.

Through work with SpaceBase, Emeline has spent a lot of time in Christchurch and says the city of exploration has a strong reputation in the technical community for being a host for major international scientific projects.

“We need to build on that reputation and make the world aware of these capabilities to expand into international business opportunities,” Emeline says.

On Thursday 8 November, Christchurch is hosting a new delegation of Edmund Hillary Fellows to explore new ideas, relationships and new ways of doing things with our local business community.

ChristchurchNZ Chief Executive Joanna Norris says she hopes some of these talented individuals will choose to call Christchurch home and share their experiences, knowledge and creativity with our wider community.

“Our city is open for business and we want to attract global, national and local partners and talent to bring innovative ideas and grow our economy for the benefit of all,” Ms Norris says.

“Whether you choose to make Christchurch your home, work, invest or do business in our piece of paradise, we welcome opportunities to partner with you all to ensure the success of our city.”