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Fill your glasses with Canterbury wine at NZCSW

21 September 2018

There’s nothing better than a nice glass of wine, especially after chasing the little ones around at New Zealand Cup and Show Week.

Whether you’ve got small people in tow or are footloose and fancy free, don’t forget to make the decadent Food and Wine Village your stand out experience of the New Zealand Agricultural Show.


Canterbury is well known as the stronghold of many great New Zealand wines and our region’s thriving vineyard culture will be showcased during the Canterbury Wine Competition, a subsidiary of the New Zealand Aromatic Wine Competition.

One of the Show’s stand out events, the popular competition showcases the best of Canterbury wine to consumers and the industry.

Visitors can sample and purchase a variety of fresh flavours and sensory delights that have been home-grown right here in Christchurch and Canterbury.

Whether you’re a winemaker, a connoisseur or just enjoy indulging in a nice glass of award-winning wine on a fantastic day out, there’s something for you at the Food and Wine Village.


And while you’re in town for New Zealand Cup and Show Week, check out what else our region has to offer, because a visit to Christchurch isn’t complete without a good dose of our exceptional gourmet delights.

Some of New Zealand’s most popular wines can be found amongst unique climate of North Canterbury’s Waipara Valley, where long sunshine hours in the summer and dry cool autumns provide the perfect grape growing conditions.

So, go on – grab some nibbles, fill your glass and remember, it’s wine o’clock somewhere in the world!

Entries are now open for Aromatic and Canterbury competition and tickets on sale to the New Zealand Agricultural Show, running from Wednesday 14 – Friday 16 November as part of New Zealand Cup and Show Week.