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Feats and fire at LIMBO: the show everyone is talking about

22 January 2019

22 January 2019

For those already in the know, this will come as no surprise, but a superstar act is in town.

LIMBO is the headline act of this year’s rejuvenated World Buskers Festival, now called Bread and Circus. The cabaret-circus hybrid takes the stage Tuesday through Saturday until February 2.

Since its creation in 2013, the show has been performed more than 1000 times and toured Europe and Australia. Music superstar Madonna was so enthralled by the show, she saw it twice.


“It’s circus and live music, coming together for a loud and energetic show on a small stage in a spiegeltent,” director Scott Maidment said.

The Spiegeltent on Worcester Blvd is one of about 18 such venues that tour the world. Maidment said the show was specifically designed to be performed in the unique space.

“The show doesn’t just happen on stage, it’s all around the tent,” he said.

“We’ve got cast members from New York, France, Austria, Germany and Australia.”


From fire breathing to sword swallowing, high energy music to performers swaying above the audience, the show is an onslaught of action.

Christchurch audiences so far had “really been digging it”, Maidment said. Every LIMBO show had been packed and standing ovations had become the norm.

Performers were drawn from all realms, from Coney Island natives like Heather Holliday to former Cirque de Soleil acts like Mikaël Bres.

Originally from the South of France, Bres has been a circus performer since he left school. The 32-year-old joined LIMBO as an original cast member in 2013 after years of working in circus’ in Germany and touring with Cirque de Soleil.


“I dance, I play music, I sing, but my major act is the Chinese pole,” Bres said.

The six-metre structure “fitted exactly” in the spiegeltent, his act described by The Press as “world class”.

“The small stage teaches you to be really precise with what you are doing,” he said.

“You see exactly what the performers are doing, so no mistakes. We are human though, so if we do make a mistake it makes it more real.”

Limbo has 8.30pm performances Tuesday through Saturday until February 2, with a 4.30pm performance on Saturdays.

All shows are in The Spiegeltent, at the corner of Worcester Blvd and Oxford Tce.

Book your tickets now before it’s too late.