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Mums get training for ASB Christchurch Marathon

02 May 2018

There’s nothing more determined than a mother who needs to run, particularly when it comes to the ASB Christchurch Marathon.

Tina Alberts is a keen runner and this year she’s facing fresh competition as her twin boys Gabriel and Adam join her for the 1km fun run.

It’s the first time the five-year-old pair have taken part in the fun run option of the event, where they’ll join hundreds of other children for the ASB Christchurch Marathon’s Kids Mara’Fun.

“Because trust me, there’s nothing as determined as a mom who needs to run!”

“My boys usually meet me at the finish line, but this year we’ll run together,” Ms Alberts says.


Freelance running writer Karien Potgieter is on a mission to run the world and hasn’t let being a working mother of two hold her back.

So far, she’s run marathons in seven countries across four continents, including the US, France, the Kingdom of Lesotho, Botswana, South Africa, Namibia and, of course, New Zealand.

Ms Potgieter says sticking to a running routine with young kids has its challenges but encourages other mothers to find creative ways to make their marathon goals come true.

“For me personally, flexibility has been the key to being consistent with my running while trying to balance work, family life and a household,” she says.

“Because trust me, there’s nothing as inventive (and determined!) as a mom who needs to run!”

Janine Hardiman is getting into full supporter mode for this year’s marathon as she cheers on son and daughter team Tyler, age 9 and Brooke, age 7 for the ASB Christchurch Marathon’s Kids Mara’Fun event.

Tyler says he loves running and hopes to run a full marathon one day. “This year is my third year doing it, I want to keep going until I’ve got at least 10 medals,” he says.

Brooke says her older brother inspired her to enter her first Mara’Fun and she’s going to keep going until she beats his medal tally. “This will be my third year doing the Mara’Fun. I want to get more medals than my brother,” she says.

Race Director Chris Cox says thousands of participants will be taking to Christchurch’s streets on June 3 for the 38th year of the ASB Christchurch Marathon, which takes participants on a scenic route around iconic city landmarks such as Cathedral Square, Hagley Park, the Avon River and the Red Zone.

ChristchurchNZ general manager of attraction Linda Falwasser says the marathon is a great opportunity for people of all ages and fitness levels to be part of a renowned running event.

“We’re encouraging people to either sign up for a run or a walk, or come into the city on race day and be part of the excitement of the ASB Christchurch Marathon,” Ms Falwasser says.