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A User Guide to The Christchurch Story

16 October 2018

All good cities have a story to tell, so listen up, Ōtautahi Christchurch:

Our people are explorers and as a city that’s what makes Christchurch such a unique and distinctive place to be. From our rich history as the birthplace of women’s suffrage, our Ngāi Tahu ancestry and our Antarctic connections, we have a story to tell.

Ōtautahi Christchurch is a city undergoing extraordinary transformation and as we rebuild, we are also redefining who we are - a city of endless opportunity; hard-wired to challenge the status quo, open to exploring new ideas, new people and new ways of doing things.

That’s why our community has aligned to develop the Christchurch Story as a resource to help tell our city’s narrative to the world in a consistent and positive way, acknowledging our past, recognising our present and looking to the future with great optimism. 

Our city is open for business, but we need more people to help drive economic growth and remain competitive on a global scale and we welcome more people to visit, live, work, invest and do business in our piece of paradise.

So, whether you love calling Christchurch home, want to attract investment, talent, new partnerships and new ways of doing things or drive more visitors to spend more time in our city, the Christchurch Story belongs to you.

As a community, we can all be proud of our history of exploration and all have an important part to play in ensuring the success of our city by bringing more people here to experience, explore and share in all our city has on offer.

While we will always be the Garden City, over time, the Christchurch Story will help build Christchurch’s reputation further as a city of opportunity and exploration, while building on our rich history and exploring our bright future.

It’s also a compelling, consistent and coherent way of promoting Christchurch locally, nationally and internationally. We want our residents to love our city and be our biggest ambassadors to other Kiwis and people globally.

We hope this resource will help you tell share your story to the world and draw others here to explore the many opportunities of our great city.

As the city economic development, tourism and major events and promotions agency, ChristchurchNZ is excited to partner with you all to ensure the success of our city.


Download the Christchurch Story video and other free resources.